Suggested source of basic information for those clearly in need.
"Dude, you need to reach deep into the clue bag."
by Frim Fram October 26, 2007
Top Definition
a person lacking technical prowess. especially one who pretends to have it.
Person 1: I think we're seeing the beginning of the end of Linux, much the way IE was the beginning of the end of Netscape, SQL Server was the beginning of the end of everyone else's desktop database system, and Excel and Word and a good deal more also succeeded in co-opting technology and product options in the marketplace: The ever-tightening embrace of Microsoft eventually assimilates everything that it touches. Unless history is to be rewritten with this one deal, Linux never looked worse off than it did today.

Person 2: You sir, are a cluebag. I think you fundamentally misunderstand Linux, GPL and the concept of distributions. Please clue yourself in before posting this sort of swill.
by paul stew March 07, 2007
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