A response given to an unknown question.
Person 1: "How many stars are there in the universe?"
Person 2: "Clues man."
by Andrea L. Nicolaou June 19, 2006
Clué is an adjective describing disciples of the clue or indice.
Do you know Sezza?

The girl celebrating Cluesday?
Yeah. She's so clué
by The Clue itself April 30, 2011
a hint that leads to the answer, as in a confusing web puzzle
Your next clue is "albatross".
by Shauvon McGill February 09, 2005
good movie, ok game.
"I am you're singing telagram! (pow)"
by Oz January 27, 2005
A lame game that somehow has knives, guns, and a murder mystery, yet no violence.
That game sucks almost as much as clue
by Seenus September 02, 2003
an idiot
an annoying person
i can't believe you told him that, you clue!
by will December 11, 2003
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