1) what the player who has a club flush draw on the flop in poker does

2)the act of jamming or ramming a golf club into one's anus.
1) "Let's go clubbing, baby!"

2) "Do you guys want to loosen up and do a bit of clubbing before we hit the course?"

Wife asks her husband, "Hunny, why don't you ever use the drivers I got you last holiday?"

Husband replies, "Sweetie, only pros who have been clubbing for years are qualified to use drivers."
by v1Adds January 03, 2012
The sexual activity of two females 'clit' rubbing each other.
"You clubbing each other later girls?"
by JJBLMD January 03, 2014
A lot like a bar crawl but slightly healthier. Unlike all the other forms of clubbing, the music is less ear shattering than a screaming baby seal, but may just be elevator music... Most all places lack a cover charge or a bouncer.
Friend: "Hey, Let's go clubbing!"
MC: "Cool, this time I'm gonna eat nothing but turkey and swiss!"
by illpala January 17, 2013
The act of going around to different dance clubs.
Alice and her girls went clubbing from the Solar dance club to Cyberia.
by Lain September 01, 2003
Hitting up all the hot club spots
"We're hardcore clubbing tonight in the T-dot"
by Kat August 30, 2003
a random or pre-meditated beating of an individual with a large blunt object.
the altercation ended in a fatal clubbing
by connor and simon August 30, 2003
1. Jarin meaning "visit several clubs"
2. Slang for masturbating or Pleasuring oneself
Clubbing the Seal
Spanking the Monkey
Cocking the Gun
Waxing the Rod
1. Dude Lets go Clubbing Tonight!
2. Shit, My mom walked in on me when i was clubbing the seal in my bedroom!!
by Malice September 06, 2003
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