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cool people who were babycakes. we love electro and rave. a we have the best hair. we are the clubbbkids.
paul griffiths and every clubbbkid.
by a clubbbkid April 29, 2008
clubbbkids wear babycakes, love everything that is electropop, and rave religiously. they have amazing hair! and clubbbkids beat up ugly kids :]
paul griffiths and every other clubbbkid
must i go on?
by chelsea :] July 10, 2008
Clubbbkids are WAY better than you and beat up ugly, fat, gay, ect. kids! :] And they ALL have wayyy better hair than you and wear bbycks! :]
I'm in the Clubbbkids so therefor I'm way better than you at everything! :]
by ElEcTrIc! September 18, 2008