Club (Clubbed): in wackin

2. Ultimately awesomely amazing

3.Under the influence
wackin off..

-WTC (What The Club)

-Lets go get clubbed yo!!!!
by Thang Tri & Chinh December 13, 2004
Top Definition
A place you tell someone your going if you are too tired to go anywhere.
"Yo bro where you going tonight?"

"Yo Im goin to Club Bed, I heard DJ Pillow and MC Blanket is in the house, and the ladies are gettin in free ALL NIGHT!"
by D Dubz September 25, 2007
When u get hit on the head for acting like a moron.
Ed: Hey man! Your fucking stupid!
Joe: What bitch! *clubs Ed in the head*
Jim *just arrived*: Whoah, what happened here?
Joe: Nothing, I just clubbed him in the head.
Jim: Oh, oh well.
by @o!oo December 08, 2005
The act of drinking Club Soda following the presentation of the 'club' in a clever manner.
Alex opens the box that Jeremy said he needed something out of to find a club soda.

Jeremy"you've been clubbed"
by club_man November 24, 2010
A move, otherwise know as the widowmaker, nunmaker, in which the entire arm is inserted.
"You will get clubbed if you don't stop!"
by TrumpetKing March 20, 2008
Noun. Used in the preterite/past tense only. In a hand of poker, smashing one's opponent entirely (a.k.a. MEGA PWNAGE) via slow playing a pocket pair pre flop, and making a set. If this scenario results in massive table domination, it is known as being Clubbed.
Geeze, NCBeast just got Clubbed ultra-nasty by Big Clubs.
by Big Clubs September 22, 2007
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