A shitty mexie team that uses the ref to buy championships.
Club America = the Juventus of Mexico
by Bofo100 November 27, 2006
Top Definition
the best and richest mexican soccer club team. They have 10 championships and have an arch rivlary with Chivas, Pumas and C. Azul. Either you hate them, or love them. nothing in between
Damn that was a good game, but i knew Club America would end up winning again.
by alex del piero March 18, 2008
Only the best soccer team in the world.

Club America beat Chivas 2-1!

by Caroska June 28, 2007
A soccer team in Mexico. Share a fierce rivalry with Chivas. America is the richest team outside of Europe but still bow down to Chivas. America, unlike Chivas, has to buy their players, rather than watch them come out of the institution. A team who wins 5-1 only when they play a team which belongs to them, has two players more, and has bribed the ref.
Americanista: America beat San Luis 5-1

Chivista: Duh, that team belongs to America, plus you had two extra players and the ref helped you guys.

Americanista: Lowers his head in shame

Club America has a team of 20 players, more then half of the team is from another country
by AceGunz January 31, 2010
the most gayest, homo-est team in the history of homo kind
person #1: i go for america

person #2: no, dude, don't! Chivas has won 11 championships, and Club America has only won 10!


tween boy #1: OMG! I go for, like, Club America, like, yeah!

tween boy 2: figures.
by Ch-ch-ch-chivas! May 18, 2009
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