The fancy Asian word for karaoke.
I'd going to the club; gonna sing some Backstreet Boys.
by The Jacka February 18, 2015
adj. rare, something that would almost never happen, or a person would almost never do

For instance, if a person you know has a certain habitual routine that they deviate from you can show them that you have noticed by saying to work "club"

antonym: club sarcastic
related words: club body, club body 360, club mind (variations of club that signify the level of rareness that the action holds)
Person 1 "Newark airport does not have any delays."
Person 2 "Club"

Person 1 "There were know Guidos at the Jersey shore."
Person 2 "Club body"

Person 1 "The Knicks lost."
Person 2 "Club sarcastic"
by BZSZLZ February 05, 2010
to beat someone over the head with something; very much fun to do; gamers use the term alot like in Halo
I clubbed you with my shotgun.
by warwolf October 26, 2003
a turd that is a slimer on one end and a globular cluster at the other end. So-named because of its resemblance to a club that would be carried by a cave man.
I blew a club this morning. I guess I should have expected it after I ate a high fiber dinner and followed it with cheese for dessert.
by Mel Biggs August 10, 2006
French alternative word for cigarette
rebbecca: puis-je avoir une club sil-te-plait??
(can i have a ciggarette please?)
by madiii December 07, 2007
The phenomena in which a persons extremities are very short and wide. (like feet, legs, arms, hands, neck and not to be confused with a dwarf or midget) The person suffers no physical deformities, yet has wide, stocky extermities. Most easily recognizable are feet.
"Jack, that guy is club"
by fotoflex August 05, 2004
liter or more of cheap whiskey;sometimes referred to as warclub,
hey fuckhead gimme that club its my shot.
by dawg January 28, 2004
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