1. A club that is always full, even at odd hours.
2. A bus that goes to odd places and is always on time
3. A place with a ton of cats, or just one cubbus that is omnipresent
1. Hey man, wanna go to Louie's Lounge?

Nah, we'll wait forever. That place is a total club bus.
2. So, to get to his place, take the 402 to Ipswich and take the 997 to Lemon street. Don't take 995 though, its a total club bus.
3. Dude, how'd that party at Jimmie's go?
Eh, his party was good, but his house is a club bus.
by Xerxes and Pericles April 10, 2011
A club that is always full. Always. The only way in one of these is to be born here and never leave.
A-Hey bro, you wanna go to the Club Boost?

B-Dude, no way we can get in there. Its a total club bus.

A-How about Derek's on Main?

B-Uh... dude... that's a gay bar.

A-Seriously, bro?
by Party Bro 22051 September 16, 2011

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