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A place where ClUB@ng@$zz, GU!D0O$Szz && th33 f!N3STtt CluBH3@d$ss/ !nF@m0UsZZ fCCKKSzz aree found. Its a place where 25 year olds get with 13 year olds wearing fishnet stockings as shirts and lingerie from victoria's secret as shorts; the basic attire of most girls at abyss, unless of course your parent stays in the parking lot, you wear REAL clothes, and you pay $25 to stand there and make fun of all the sluts you see. Its basically a walking STD if you decide to get with anyone.
girl: mom can i go to a teen night at club abyss?

mom" well, honey, whos gonna be htere?

girl: only the whole schoolll !

mom: okay get on a t-shirt and jeans and ill take you,

girl: brings a spare change or clothes aka lingerie in her purse

later onn...

guido: (jumps on girls ass and starts dry humping her)

girl: wtfff are you doingggg?

gido: hey beautiful. is that a mirror in your pants cause i think i see myself in them.

girl: wanna take this someplace private?

guido: no, right here is fine.
by clubbanga. July 10, 2008

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rob dorfman fucking lives there...nuff said
if you really need to beat up some slutty 12 year old girl, get crabs, or make fun of a pack of guidos (yes, they move in packs. like asians), u should hit up club abyss
by bambi's mom August 23, 2008