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a club where you must be 69 years old, at least 6' 9" tall, have at least a 7" penis (if you're a guy), becuase all they do, is 69. the owner and founder is Peñis Mompaños Mompanos (pronounced peen-yis Mom-pie-nohs Mom-pay-nos). He thought of the idea when he was 21 on his 22nd birthday. It was before the time of the day when he turned 22, so he was still 21, but also 22.
pimp: how do i get into club 697?
ho: you have to be 69, 6 foot 9, 7, because all we do, is 69.
pimp: that's fucked up
ho: suck my dick bitch. this is club 697.
by 69 freak December 10, 2006
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