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chuckling loudly to myself- used as acronym through texting and internet

*as opposed to cqtl

when someone who is uncapable of chuckling quietly (usually due to hearing impediments or chronic obnoxious behavior) laughs loudly and disrupts the peace around them.
Abe: Hey I was studying for government and was wondering, does Great Britain have a parliament?

Eva: cltm. I'm embarrassed for you.
Eva: damn, I just got mad dogged for laughing again. my b

Pedro: My sister just asked me how many points a three-pointer was worth in basketball..
Carlos: cltm. Once a tool always a tool.
by evlakerfan March 16, 2011
Abbreviated from 'Chuckling Lightly To Myself.'

Used when typing, because, really- who actually laughs out loud?
Chris: and then something vaguely entertaining happened.

Michael: cltm
by Mr McGranty January 17, 2011
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