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noun: a humorous penis

noun: a penis with a red mushroom head

noun: George Bush
Did you hear that joke that Billy's clownpenis told? Fucking hilarious! Where can I shit?
by Huey Lewis and the Poops December 06, 2010
When the boy puts his member between a girl's legs from behind, giving the impression that in addition to her Vuva, she also has a small penis.
Bob came up from behind, suprising suzy with his famous clown penis.
by isabelyarg January 28, 2008
The genitalia of a male clown. Originated in 1845 in South Africa, the Clown Penis is used as a derogitory word, often used to insult, mainly clowns and there penis'. Oblong in shape, the Clown Penis sometimes resembles a Magpie's penis, small, and thin in shape. Along with the Apetit, the clown penis is sometimes joined in a triangular formation called the Tri-Forge. In Bankok, the Clown Penis is a sign of nobility, strength and courage.
While going down on a fat chick when I was 5, I dropped my Churo, only to find a small clown penis slapping up against my cheek.

by Funtimecooltime July 14, 2006