A person who who you hate and is a joke to you
you see someone you dont like and you say your fucking clown shoes
by jimbo balls October 07, 2007
term for morning wood
Guy 1: All guy sleepovers are whack.
Guy 2: Yeah dude, did you see Tommy's clown shoe this morning?!
Guy 1: Ughhhhh! Yeah that guy pitched a tent!
by queenofslang June 27, 2007
A description of an act; said act is absent of quality thought. Quality thought is replaced with an asinine, irrational, and shallow thought which produces a real shitbag of an act. The clown shoe-er from that point forward is thought by witnesses of the act to be, basically, an idiot.

Joey bringing up his sexual history with his new girlfriend's dad was clown shoes.
by Ty Swenson September 12, 2006
a noun that is rather dumb, stupid and/or goofy. also somthing big, red and size 34.
that nigga is straight clown shoes.

rob - lets go drink a 40 of O.E.

Jake - fuck O.E., that shits straight clownshoes.

rob - c'mon dude.

Jake - I'm lookin at somthin big, red and size 34
by 518 Lake Boys BLC January 21, 2006
when something is lame
thesuarus: weak sacue, mickey mouse boot squash
Nick: Nah, I can't go smoke a bowl I got work.
Colin: Dude!, that is so totally clown shoes.
by Colin January 15, 2004
about a size 23
Timmy- "wow that clown shoes are really huge!... I bet there a size 18"

Dan- " Actually Timmy, it's a well known fact clowns wear size 23... SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!"
by DJamesK1 January 25, 2011
Willing to do a suggested activity. Derived from "Down like a clown". It is understood that the shoes are the lowest point on a clown.
(Would you like to go get a 40?) Response: "I'm down like clown shoes"
by Cardiac Cat September 10, 2009

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