Used to describe some one or some thing that is useless to the point of hindering itself and others. An unnecessary addition to something that would work better without it.
Player1: Dude that guys been a real clown shoe since he joined the team.
Player2: Yah, at this rate we'll lose more games than we did last season.


If you weren't such a damn clown shoe I wouldn't have to fix your screw ups all the time!
by My name is Sha March 15, 2008
Adjective describing unfair corporate or government decisions/policies.
These subway prices are clownshoes.

That's clownshoes they made you pay that parking fine.
by Tim September 08, 2003
a moron, a very stupid indivisual or someone who says stupid things
you wont believe what john asked me yesterday,what a clownshoe
by keith lagerfeld January 28, 2009
Describes a noun that is lame, of poor quality, or a general downer. Usually paired with an explitive.
Man, this war is f*cking clown shoes.

Damn that car is seriously clown shoes.
by Nate K. May 04, 2006
A word used by friends to trip out a stoned or high friend.
Me "dude im so high"
green dinosaur "your a fucking clown shoe man"
Me "Whaaaat? man you fucking me up"
by Jesus The Stoner March 01, 2008
Being an extreme fuck-up; cannot do anything right/is named Fenner; looks, acts, or seems like a fuck-up
That guy is fucking clown shoes...he deserves to get hot carl-ed for being such a fuck...
by Payne January 16, 2004
the epitome of not being fresh
something that is not good
man that was clown shoes
by joe scheibling November 14, 2007

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