1) A hopeless loser. An awkward, unattractive, and otherwise inept individual. Also known as a powertool.

2) A nickname for someone with the initials "C" and "S."
1) Way to miss the game-winning shot, clownshoes.

2) Hey ClownShoes, what's up?
by Whohah April 25, 2003
Pejorative phrase. Indicates that a person, thing, or activity is ridiculous; a joke; not worthy of respect; silly; excessive; gaudy; exaggerated for the sake of comedic or dramatic effect; lacking nuance or depth; trite; cliche; stereotypical or oversimplified concept or idea.

Plural: Clown Shoes.

Origin: Shoes worn by clowns, usually brightly colored with a bulbous toe region, are made to elicit a cheap laugh; superficial effect;
Compared to the Playstation 3, the Nintendo Wii is a clown shoe.
by F.T.B. June 17, 2008
somebody who is a dumb ass, or does stupid things
my girlfriend whilst playing Halo on x box

Me..."quick, get in the jeep thingy and get away, the aliens are trying to mash you."
Me..."get in, quick"!
Her.."what? how"?
Me..."forget it, youre dead. Jeez, you're such a fu...ng clown shoe"!
by Shamsta January 15, 2007
Bullshit; something blatantly stupid
"Did you hear about what that idiot pulled? It was complete clown shoes, man."
by 0r4n December 26, 2009
1.A clown shoe is a person who acts stupid. or does senseless things.

2.A person who does an act to be laughed at.

3.A person who does jerk things unconsciously, and dont realize it.

4. Someone you just dont like

1."Hey stop, throwing rocks at car, you clown shoe"

2."Yea your really funny, fucking clown shoe"

3."You see that kid? He just kncoked over a display! CLOWN SHOE"
by Oden Chaos December 14, 2007
Something or someone that pretty much sucks ass.
My mate: 'Did you see "Da Ali G Show" last night mate?'
Me: 'Nah mate. Its fucking Clown Shoes"
by Leemondo McDizzle November 03, 2003
Unimportant, Without need for consideration
It's total clown shoes to think that dwelling on what happened will change a anything.
Don't even think you're clown shoe ass has shit figured out.
by Philosopheezy July 10, 2008

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