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Ridiculously large breasts on a girl with an extremely small waist. See also clown shoes or clown foot.
Check out the clown tits on that waitress!
by Enrique Rodriguez March 25, 2008
A girl with huge nipples resembling a clown's nose.
Look at those clowntits
by sds October 03, 2004
When a girl has a large and obviously fake chest. In most cases a poor boob job.
a girl walks by with tits up to her chin.....

Check out that girls clown tits
by MI2CA April 28, 2011
Boobs that are freakishly large or just awkward in shape. May look like two clown shoes stuffed in a bra or two carnies stuffed in a bra. Usually the girl with the clowntits thinks she has the best boobs in the world and puts them out there for everyone to see.
Stacey: Oh my God, look at that girl's boobs!
Lacey: Oh my God I know. What's wrong with them?
Stacey: They're clowntits.
by aseaisaved March 17, 2009
Clown Tits


1. superb

2. such as to cause wonder, admiration, or astonishment

3. to inspire awe
"Oh my God, did you see his new sports car?"

"I know - that thing is fuckin' clown tits!"
by frostboy74 September 15, 2009
When two ducks sit on an eldery womens head and evacuate their bowels til dehydration.
Holy shit what happened ?
That bitch just got the clown tits dumped on her !
by Flip Dingo August 24, 2006
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