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When two ducks sit on an eldery womens head and evacuate their bowels til dehydration.
Holy shit what happened ?
That bitch just got the clown tits dumped on her !
by Flip Dingo August 24, 2006
15 95
Ridiculously large breasts on a girl with an extremely small waist. See also clown shoes or clown foot.
Check out the clown tits on that waitress!
by Enrique Rodriguez March 25, 2008
98 10
A girl with huge nipples resembling a clown's nose.
Look at those clowntits
by sds October 03, 2004
14 5
When a girl has a large and obviously fake chest. In most cases a poor boob job.
a girl walks by with tits up to her chin.....

Check out that girls clown tits
by MI2CA April 28, 2011
8 4
Clown Tits


1. superb

2. such as to cause wonder, admiration, or astonishment

3. to inspire awe
"Oh my God, did you see his new sports car?"

"I know - that thing is fuckin' clown tits!"
by frostboy74 September 15, 2009
8 6
Boobs that are freakishly large or just awkward in shape. May look like two clown shoes stuffed in a bra or two carnies stuffed in a bra. Usually the girl with the clowntits thinks she has the best boobs in the world and puts them out there for everyone to see.
Stacey: Oh my God, look at that girl's boobs!
Lacey: Oh my God I know. What's wrong with them?
Stacey: They're clowntits.
by aseaisaved March 17, 2009
2 1