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Though its origins are unclear, etymological scholars surmise that the phrase "clothjob" was coined sometime during the early 1990's.

(N.) The art of making a man ejaculate by massaging his penis with some form of a cloth: ranks beneath handjob as the lowest form of "gettin some."

(N.) Person(s) who is such a pussy that they have only received said practice.

synonyms- douchebag, homo, etc.
Example 1

guy 1- "Alright, so i get back to this girl's place, we start fooling around, and its all black after that."

guy 2- "Well what do you think happened"

guy 3- "I'm not sure man, but when i woke up this morning i was naked, my dick was RAW, and she had all of her clothes on. I think she gave me a clothjob, dude."

Example 2:

Guy 1-
"So that mark guy came to my party last night and tried to convince everybody that the keg was bad.. i dont think he's ever had a beer before."

Guy 2-
"He would man... that kid is such a clothjob.
by B.D. March 21, 2005
Originally coined by Steven Medlock, of Germantown, TN the term clothjob refers the sexual arousal of a man by a chick or a dude in which the aforementined chick or dude is rubbing his or her partners dick with a coarse fabric, such as jeans, khakis, other slutty pants, really hairyprivate parts, etc.

Clothjobs suck.

-BD Freeman
Jim Lesesne is a Cloth Job.
by November 21, 2009
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