some one who doesnt act them selves like they are trapped in a closet won't come out with the inner selff and express the real them, then when all of a sudden they come out extremely with some thing they have never talked about or done.
peer 1:how hot is that dress like only if it was a bit shorter and the front lower.
peer 2: oh really since when do you wear stuff like that check youu what a closet come out with the most extreme things.
by Venessa.E October 12, 2005
An increasingly irrelevant position for a homosexual person to take. Exaggerated fear of exposure and the resultant evasive, hypocritical behaviour, can lead to tension, lack of trust, The inability of that person to make any freinds.
Closets are the true reason homosexuals are not trusted.
"my boyf...girlfreind"
"He's saying that because he's a closet homosexual, yet he dosn't talk about anything else"
by Larry Grayson October 07, 2003
One who lives within a closet, often that of a parent or relative. Metaphorically, used to describe someone who is socially backward, similar to nerd but without the computer skill connotation.
Yeah, that guy is a closet, he has no friends
by Andre January 07, 2004
Usually a storage for clothes but in some cases stores homosexual men.
One day Lindsay came out of the closet but Tiny pulled him back in for some more man love...

Jeffery: "Come on Tom come out of the closet"
Tom: "How about you come in with me?"
Jeff: "...O.K..."
Joe: "Hey come out of there!"
by soisoi April 09, 2006
A place to put you clothes and other things like shoes or jackets
Jimmy found his shoes in the closet
by Niknicename March 27, 2015
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