some one who doesnt act them selves like they are trapped in a closet won't come out with the inner selff and express the real them, then when all of a sudden they come out extremely with some thing they have never talked about or done.
peer 1:how hot is that dress like only if it was a bit shorter and the front lower.
peer 2: oh really since when do you wear stuff like that check youu what a closet come out with the most extreme things.
#unexpected #exctrete #extremely diverse #shocking #horrific
by Venessa.E October 12, 2005
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(adj) Describing an aspect that one keeps rather private or completely secret, usually due to fear of social rejection. Commonly used in reference to homosexuality, but not exclusively.
"Yep, my brother has his guilty pleasures when it comes to music. He's closet hair metal fan, believe it or not."
by Bill M. September 20, 2004
The place where gay people hide their true selves.
I would like to exit the closet, but there is a Bible wedged too tight under the door. Help.
by Bart June 04, 2003
container for tom cruise
OMG! The weird-ass scientologist still refuses to leave the closet!
#hollywood #homosexual #scientology #tom cruise #bookshelf #clothes #homosexuality #scientologist
by Stephan Hill September 04, 2006
1. A cabinet or enclosed recess for linens, household supplies, clothing or gay sex.
2. A small private chamber, as for study or prayer, or gay sex.
1. He's in the closet.
2. He's not in the closet, he's in Narnia!!
#closet #narnia #gay #sex #study #prayer #linens #household supplies #clothing
by Kinpatsu March 12, 2006
A place for shoes, clothes and in most cases, homosexuals.

In order to prevent themselves from social rejection, gays make sure to lock the door after themselves and throw away the key.
WHORE1: "Geez, why is this closet locked?"
WHORE2: "I think there's someone in there. I hear masterbation."
#closet case #homosexual #gay #hiding #beard
by whitebitchheather October 21, 2009
if someone is a closet ____ then they aren't entirely _____, don't realize that they are ______, and don't accept it as who they are.
OMG you are a closet emo!
#closset #emo #claustrophobic #clostrophobic #hidden
by the omniscient goose November 08, 2005
Where one shamefully tries to conceal his or her homosexuality.
Josh Wallis needs to just come out of the closet already.
by clockworks April 01, 2004
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