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Closet racism is defined as racism that is not directed toward a certain individual or group, but, in conversation amongst people of the same race.

Closet racism usually is never done within earshot of anyone of a different race.

Closet racists can like music and culture of another race, yet dislike another race simply because they don't like the color of their skin.

For example, a guy after a few beers with his friends starts to tell a few jokes and have some manly moments all within the confines of their circle.

One sure sign of a closet racist is when they e-mail you an ethnic joke with this preceding "I'm not racist, but...I found this amusing"
Hey Jack, did you hear the joke about the guy with the baggy pants falling down?

Get away from me, man. You're spewing closet racism.
by back burner August 07, 2009

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