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A follower of the person of Jesus Christ who chooses to follow the His teachings but does not feel compelled (or fears) to share or propogate his personal faith among others.
That dude lives the life but he don't say nothin'...he must be a closet Christian.
by James Cox November 12, 2006
Someone who believes in the Christian religion who is either unwilling or unable to make a public affirmation of his/her faith.
Bob is a closet christian because while he believes in this religion, but he doesn't share his faith openly.
by Kirobos December 09, 2006
1. Christians who know where to preach. This group is purely hypothetical.
The person who posted the original definition for closet christians is unfortunately not a closet christian; Therefore, the poster is not a member of the fictitious group of closet christians.
by Jo-ann de Fabric August 23, 2006
Athiests who harbor unreasonable resentment towards God. How can they resent something that by definition they don't believe in? Also, put any athiest on their deathbed and they'll be the first to pray for mercy.
"Oh my god, he's shooting at me! Please, God, don't let him kill me! NOOOOOOOO!" (bang bang)
by Myles McOmp March 27, 2004
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