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When your dick is so small it looks like a cliterus
Man, he's got a cliterdick
by Tacobender April 10, 2012
A female sexual extendere, adored by lesbians across the world. Essentially, it is a large clitoris, but beautifully shaped so that the lips of the vagina slightly envelope the main member. Not to be confused with a strecthed, misformed, or disfigured clitoris, the cliterdick allows supreme sensation for both parties in oral and manual stimulation, and creates intense lubrication and climax.
A cliterdick is a slightly oversized clitoris, surrounded by nicely shaped vagina lips.

by Christina F October 22, 2007
For a mannish looking girl or a cliteris that's so huge it looks like a dog dick
Dane that girl got a cliterdick.
Damn I fucked this girl last night and she had a fuckin cliterdick.
by Carmy012 February 01, 2010