See porn
Ahhh, I see you have the newest issue of "SPANK", good cliterature I say!

That english teacher should teach cliterature, NOT literature.
by Jebus April 05, 2003
Top Definition
An amalgamation of clit and literature. literature dealing with the clitoris, that is, pornography.
the internet is a good source of cliterature.
by Gumba Gumba August 03, 2004
alternate definition: 1970's derogatory term for women's literature. Now archaic.

Concept was that writing was either literature or it was not literature, so any attempt to manufacture a subgroup was somehow denigrating the legitimate body of work.

Sprang from growth of Women's Studies programs at US universities.

Sometimes also used to describe Comparative Literature, although usage may have faded into obscurity.
she majored in English and minored in History, then switched to cliterature
by adam_before_eve March 18, 2006
nother word for vagina monologues or any women's literary movement.
Laura T: you going to the cliterature performance art show tonight?
Claire Y: damn straight! gonna twiddle my cooch there.
by mertt & jerden September 26, 2008
Literature emphasizing the symbolic or sexual importance of the clitoris; Vaginal Erotica.
I beat off to some of the finest cliterature in the genre of American Classics last night.
by Colin Murphy October 27, 2010
A new age definition for cunnilingus, and a much better, more elegant term than the oft used "going down" or "eating out."
Last night, my girlfriend gave me a blow job, and in order to return the favor, I read her some sweet, sweet cliterature.
by Cold-AssHonky July 19, 2013
porn that rather than being shown as a picture or video is in text form and is described the the user
last night i was masturbating to some hot cliterature
by coxymoxy April 13, 2011
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