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A punch ususally to an enemies face.
She's been talking shit about you. I say you clip her.
by Hunn December 18, 2006
1. The magazine that goes in a firearm.
2. To kill someone.
1. "I busted down the door and emptied an entire clip into that fool, he died 8 times before he hit the ground."
2. "Jimmy got clipped 'coz he talked."
by Diego September 02, 2003
A guy online that is awesome who has a lot of games on steam. He's hella cool, and is cooler in real life. People use the name clips as a cool word instead of a name.
player1: Dude, that guy is so clips!

player2: O-M-G, i know
by Clips November 22, 2009
To have sweaty, hot, sex
Lets have clip in the bed!
by MEEEfjklsdj March 29, 2008
A Hoe, or the girl that you have on the side.
I got to go see about this clip.
or I can't get this clip to stop callin me.
by Domestic October 27, 2003
1. Clip = To have sex with
2. Clipped = past tense
3. Clippage - the wake of women in your past
1. Should I clip this broad?
2. Yeah - I clipped her
3. The clippage from the last trip to Vegas is catching up to me
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
Very cool, excellent
Dude, that wave was clip.

See antonym, clop
by ClipMagnanobot July 21, 2003