A short video or fast insertion of ammunition into an internal magazine ie. M1 garand

Name used by gun grabbers and libetards to say magazine Commonly, "High capacity clip"

Used by no nothings
CNN: We need to ban high capacity clips! They can only be used to kill kindergarten children!

COnservatives: ITS A MAGAZINE!
by TheConservative April 04, 2013
to pilfer, to steal without immediate knowledge of the victim,

to steal while the victim is caught off guard

BOOST filch pinch
While I was sleeping, that ho went through my wallet and clipped me for a hundred dollars.

I went through my closet and found my new Jordans were missing.
by JLAN March 27, 2005
2 give a certain someone a slap, box cuff. punch, blow.etc in or around the head. it sould only take one clip to get message across.
if you carry on, your gunna get a fuckin clip. or iam going 2 clip that cheeky cunt simon morton.
by catmando September 27, 2004
An exclamation about the ridiculousness of a particular thing.
Christ! Look at the clip of that!
by vicki007 July 03, 2010
a little bit of tobacco added to a joint to aid the effects
first guy: "yo, i've only smoked half this joint and im already buzzed!"
second guy: "haha yea man, its cauz i put in a bit of clip."
by .c.A.k.e. December 22, 2005
to leave, to get the fucI< out of the equation
"you breh this shyts throwed, lets clip"
by snake7 August 16, 2010
Clip - to masturbate, made up for a code language so you talk about it anywhere.
Guy 1: Man, I am really horny!
Guy 2: Have a clip

Guy 1: I want to masturbate
Guy 2: shh my dads in the other room call it a clip!
by andeh/hareece May 11, 2010

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