term describing a conditon that occurs in amplifiers and mixing equipment were a signal is put through the equipment that is beyond what that equipment can handle. This results in a chopping off or "clipping" of the signal done to a manageable level, which off causes the loss of some part of the signal. Keeping a signal at a level of clipping for more than a few minutes will kick a amplifier into "protect" mode until it cools off.
Musician to sound man "Keep my guitar turned up pretty good, but don't let it clip, That's what it did last night and it sounded like crap"
by BTC January 15, 2006
To remove someone from your life
"Person X back-stabbed me- that bitch is clipped"

by Clipnbitches April 23, 2009
Halfway blunt
I'm still got a clip from the L we smoke yesterday bro
by Ap klassick April 12, 2015
if you look disguisting or dressed like a retard
'erggh what you got on you manky clip'
by anthhughes June 15, 2013
A short video or fast insertion of ammunition into an internal magazine ie. M1 garand

Name used by gun grabbers and libetards to say magazine Commonly, "High capacity clip"

Used by no nothings
CNN: We need to ban high capacity clips! They can only be used to kill kindergarten children!

COnservatives: ITS A MAGAZINE!
by TheConservative April 04, 2013
A concatenation of cunt and lips. A man or woman who thinks that they are gods gift to the world. Typically they have very little social awareness and tend to make everyone around them hate them. Irresponsible and prone to preying on younger individuals of the opposite (or same) sex.
Guy A: Dude, Clips just got fired at work.
Guy B: How completely unexpected. What did he do now?
Guy A: Had sex with an underage girl at work.
Guy B: Figures the only pussy he can get is the impressionable kind.
by Who's Awesome February 04, 2010
To talk excessively and violently to another individual about impending physical harm, without actually intending to act upon the threats. In other words- talking shit for self-satisfaction so you don't look like a bitch.
"B@#ch, shut the f*** up- you're about to get clipped!"
by Jake the Boeing Guy January 14, 2009
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