One of the coolest actors ever. Only one whos better is Charles Bronson.
.44 magnum, most powerful handgun on the planet.
by Elitist January 15, 2004
I invented this drinking maneuver several months ago. Measure six shots of hard liquor and place them all in a larger glass. Down all of the booze (straight) at once without stopping. This is sure to amaze and disgust everyone you are with and it will show you are committed to drinking. Named for the actor of several Wild West movies and the type of gun he used.
I was so wasted last night after I did 3 Clint Eastwoods in 3 hours.
by Sean_R July 18, 2006
a term used against and about, usually older men, who feels and act as if they were a vigilante/lone ranger- like Clint Eastwood.

The term is used against the weak, older man who tries to act tough when he tells you to pick up that candywrapper and put it in the can,stand up straight or stop riding your bicycle on the sidewalk.
goddamn did you see that clint eastwood overthere?

stop fuckin going all clint eastwood on us

that old clint eastwood son of a bitch just told us to stop hanging around the entrance
by Rumleskaft June 20, 2010
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