An angram of "Old west Action"

Excellent actor. See Dirty Harry
Make my day, punk.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
The definition of the word badass
Guy 1: That guy's so badass!
Guy 2: Yeah, he's so Clint Eastwood!
by dirtynoname October 29, 2011
That song by Gorillaz. You know, the one that keeps talking about the future coming on.
I've got sunshine in a bag...
by MetaPaladin December 03, 2003
The man Chuck Norris wants to be.
A: Wow! Chuck Norris is great!

B: (to crowd) Don't mind him, he never watched Clint Eastwood movie.

C: They say that he has 11 tigers power.
by El Habibi June 09, 2013
Non-alcoholic drink that is definitely not badass enough to deserve its name. A combination of rootbeer and grenadine, much like a shirley temple but with rootbeer instead of sprite.
Guy 1: Dude I just had a Clint Eastwood, it was awesome.
Guy 2: You pussy, that drink was made for little kids.
Guy 1: Yeah, that doesn't make it any less awesome though.
by shitty tv dinner August 09, 2009
john wane+44 magnum+M1+M1911+diroctors chair

there is no job he can not do

some of his movies include where eagles dare, dirty harry, letters from iwo jima, flags of our fathers, hang em high, a fist full of dollars, the good, bad, and the ugly, pale rider, kelleys heroes, gran torino , and heartbreak ridge.
the credets from a clint eastwood movie read

director: clint eastwood

producer: clint eastwood

writer: clint eastwood

staring: clint eastwood

with music by: clint eastwood
by josh 1 March 01, 2012
Noun: A person who is grumpy, intolerant and slightly racist. Often uses racial and ethnic slurs when talking to or about other people, in a derogatory and affectionate way.

Very abrasive.

Will make absurd comments just for the hell of it.
"My dad is such a Clint Eastood. He keeps calling the Asian family next door gooks and keeps calling the homeless guy on the corner a no good freeloading son of a bitch."

"He won. Get over it and quit being such a Clint Eastwood."
by MrDude1986 January 23, 2013
Cockney rhyming slang for squint. When an individuals eyes do not point in the same direction.
By calling a person or referring to a person with a squint as 'Clint Eastwood', 'Clint' or 'Eastwood', you are subtly insulting this person and calling them a baw-eyed squinting fuck face. They will most likely not pick up on this and take it you are complimenting them by somehow likening them to the great man himself.
by Tarbert Whore April 17, 2010

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