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Performing with a high degree of precision, as in when one "runs a clinic."
Their game is getting clinical these days!
by CaptainMorganSFPL June 28, 2009
23 9
To be depressed, as in clinical depression.
She is so clinical today, do you think she's okay?
by TaraM May 24, 2005
24 20
Something that is a typical example (or a 'textbook' example) of something such as a symptom of an illness (e.g. a runny nose & a high temperature) which often presented to a medical clinic is easily diagnosed. Clinical may be a synonym for 'textbook' or 'textbook case'.
An WOW addict quits playing because he determined it was ruining his life and a few weeks later begins heavily playing some other MMO game - That's Clinical - a clear example of (in this case) an addictive personality who needs help
by Cookie1224 December 09, 2011
3 1
"He was clinical on and off the park today"
by Spartanigga III September 07, 2012
0 1