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pyrex sex toy for women
by Anonymous April 18, 2003
a woman who swings from one guy to another, hence cling-on.
Carey broke up with Matt and then started dating Mike the next day, she's a clingon
by mccrary March 03, 2004
toilet paper that gets stuck up ur ass even after u wipe
o man them cling-ons r startin to make me scratch my ass!
by sumbody u dnt no August 27, 2003
peace of shit that resembles piles (hemeroids).
one you shit, one you shove
thats a big pile, OH its shit!
by Kamron May 11, 2003
A boy who likes to try and rape peoples arms and then go into a closet and fuck himself.
Lewis will you please stop rapin that i dont think it likes it.
by Sarah April 01, 2004