The point where the woman gets a lovely fucking orgasm... same with the dude.
harder, harder, HARDER i tell ya.... HIT MY G SPOT u silly rabbit u... ohhhhh yeah ohhhhhhh yeah.... OHHHHHHH..
ah. NICE.
after my boy friend fucked me like crazy, i will never ever forget that climax i had encountered
by Pintauk April 26, 2008
The point at which a story or text reaches a drastically enthusiastic point-suspense usually occurs shortly before-.
Teacher- So kids what was the climax of this story?
by smasters11 May 13, 2015
A village located near I-69 in Michigan
The Climax-Scotts Panthers wrestled the Mendon/Centreville Horndogs
by anonymousfromclimax December 16, 2005
the point at which some cunt reaches orgasm the fucking bestest and crudest definition to call it
fucking hell i don't get many scuttles but i pull off a bit and it feels like screwing but it isn't the climax you get in it
heheheheheh you prick i get alot of fucks so you can blow me again hymen face
by Jackroll April 02, 2006

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