Basically, you fuck a girl over a balcony or window. Theyre hanging out over the balcony or windowsill, holding onto you for dear life. Right as you cum, you let go and say "Hasta la vista, baby," and then they fall like wile coyote in looney tunes. N then u jizz on their body, making it rain. And then u go inside and watch jerry springer.
Dude- "Lets do the cliffhanger"
Girl-"Whats that?"
Dude-"Trust me, its fun"
Girl-"Ok yea sure..."
by sandman901 May 13, 2009
When you are walking up stairs and fart, forcing the person behind you too walk through it
Scott was walking behind me up the stairs, and I totally cliffhangered him!!!
by Reginald burns March 12, 2014
Roll of fat which hangs over the belt line.
Wow..look at that fat dude with the cliff-hanger. you cant even see his legs
by bigjoejohnson November 19, 2006
That last drop of semen that clings to your penis and no matter how long you spend cleaning up always dribbles out into the most noticeable places
Male #1-"Man my parents busted me when they got back from the grocery store!"
Male #2-"What? How?"
Male #1- "I guess they found my cliffhanger on the couch."
by Bobbes May 24, 2006
the act of pooping off a two-story or higher balcony
Dude1: Woah careful dude you almost stepped in the pile of sh*t!

Dude2: Damn someone musta just performed a cliffhanger...quite a large one if i say so myslef
by mudpacker520 October 18, 2010
When you're sleeping with someone in a small bed and the person on the outside spends the night right on the edge of the bed, or when one partner is too intense with cuddling that the other partner can't get away even when crawling to the very edge of the bed.
"Chris made me play cliff hanger last night because he wouldn't let me have the wall"

"We need a bigger bed. I'm sick of playing cliff hanger at night."

"He was so clingy that I played cliff hanger even in a king sized bed."
by 30xdays January 17, 2013
When someones heel is hanging off the back of their flip flop or any open shoe
When you see someone with thier heel hanging off the back of their flip flop, you say....."we got ourselfs a cliff hanger don't we?"
by mersha25 August 03, 2011
When taking a dump, occasionally there's that piece of turd that comes out but wont drop off. It sits there hanging, in effect, leaving you hanging. ...should I wait? should I pinch it off?

Want to continue with the book? Turn the page.
Want to continue with life? pinch it off and risk just mushing it up.
Bob: Let's go! We're late!

John: Wait! I can't stop! There's this crazy cliffhanger that I cant just leave hanging!
by xrice March 16, 2008

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