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A disgusting boy that writes essays about girls.
Eg.: Cliff has the microphone. NEVER GIVE CLIFF THE MICROPHONE
by Forrest August 11, 2004
A pecker who thinks hes funny and never knows when to stop with the jokes. Likes to jiss on his own face and eat it. Brags about sexual encounters that he has never had and likely will never have. And if youre friends with him, be warned, he tells all of your secrets.

See loser
God that Cliff Redish kid is a moron
by drew April 21, 2004
a jewish boy, who is a bit outspoken, enjoys bon jovi, pretends he is good at b-ball, cliff likes to eat his own shit frequently. if i were cliff i would shoot myself in the face with a shotgun, but since i am not cliff i am going to go shoot him in the face with a shotgun.
Cliff Redish just raped an old man.
by paul February 18, 2004
A poor excuse for a human being or a jew in that regard. Most annoying person in the world. Not a spritual just likes to take it up the ass from them.
See peckerhead
wow Cliff wrote another 25 page paper about a girl that never liked him in the first place....wait no one does
by cliffhater April 07, 2004
Originally a takeoff of Cliff Clavin, Cliff Redish or Cliff Raddish is just another dumb made-up joke name of a Cheers movie star.

See also:
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Donkey Punch
Golden Shower
Pearl Necklace
Dog in a Bathtub
The Dirty Sanchez]
Glass Bottom Boat
Jim went all 'cliff redish' on that girl.
by Roger Bartrain April 02, 2006
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