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1. A misspelling of the word Cliques.

2. Pictures taken on a digital camera.
1. High Schools are a breeding ground for cliques such as the goth, emo, skater, and prep cliques.

2. My camera has 23,483 clicks on the shutter.
by kyebosh June 25, 2006
51 38
A clit lick.

The equivalent of a blow job for girls.

Another way to say getting head, getting face, being eaten out, for women since it combines "clit + lick" into click.
Girl says, "wow I want a click"

Oh click me, oh yeah

God I want that guy to click me all night.
by Master Clicker June 05, 2010
43 34
A word used to end a phone call instead of saying goodbye. Mainly used during informal phone calls.
John: I'll talk to you later.

Jake: Click *ends phone call*
by Snake Eyes IV February 14, 2010
33 31
To be aroused.
That girl winked at me and made me "click"
by MC TETSUO February 13, 2014
1 0
To find success. To evolve. To become bigger-better-larger. To snap. To leap-forward.
The movie clicks.

I felt I was about to click.
by ILoveMyMind April 09, 2010
11 10
A hilarious mispronunciation of the word clit. Generally used by dumb mexican/peurto riccan girls, or even dumber white girls who think they are of latin decent.
A click? Isn't that like...a piece of your pussy?
by Mr. Baldwin June 24, 2010
7 11
a classy dick
Dude, you're such a click!
by toolegittoquit November 26, 2009
18 24