some one who likes to grab people
tim is a clepto to all the girls and guys i kno!
by wolfsketcher August 19, 2005
Top Definition
someone who enjoys stealing and will jack anything they can get their hands on.
cassie mclankyfuck is the biggest clepto ever, she even jacked this one bitches virginity
by emily ernst August 23, 2006
someone who enjoys stealing and will try and get whatever is in their reach.
Cassie Mclankyfuck is a clepto, she even stole some little girls virginity
by emily ernst August 23, 2006
Someone who enjoys the thrill of thievery. Can also be used as a verb in some instances to describe the act of stealing.
Marc asked amy to go to the store and clepto a new hard drive for him.
by Jimbobillybob December 09, 2007
a mobster, in other words a wiseguy
by Clepto July 18, 2006
A cocain induced desire to win, or participate in a spelling bee, followed by a severe hang over.
"Dude we were doing so much snow last night I went on a clepto for about five straight hours!"
by john March 16, 2005

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