when a man is getting his dick sucked and ass licked at the same time by two females in a rocking motion like the carnival ride
I heard that cat spot got one mean Cleopatra by those whores last night
by Spoto A and the Joyce October 01, 2010
Top Definition
(n.) A female born of an incestous relationship. Named after one of the last egyptian rulers, who was the product of 200 years of incestous lines.
I think she's a cleopatra.
by Gumba Gumba June 01, 2004
The last Macedonian king in Egypt, her and the Ptolmey dynasty were direct desendants of Alexander the Greats general Lagus. Also beleived to be one of the most exoticly beautiful women in all of the ancient world
Wow that girl's so pretty she could be Cleopatra, hmmm she must be macedonian then
by Aleksandar Makedonski May 28, 2005
A reference during Apples to Apples regarding a resident from Florida. When someone pulls the cleopatra card, another individual yells a certain phrase that includes "throw that pussy at ya."
Guy 1: Yo lets see what we got here guys *grabs the cards*

Guy 1: The 60's, Aliens, Richard Nixon, Apple, Microwaves, Cleopatra...


Guy 3: Oh my lord!

Guy 1: Cleopatra..


Guy 1: Alright im going with the 60s

Guy 3: YES!

Guy 2: You asshole!
by Applestoapplesyo December 18, 2013
for a girl to give a guy a tit job
esp., while he is standing and she is kneeling.

from Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen who committed suicide by putting a poisonous snake to her breast.
Instead of having sex last night my girlfriend gave me a Cleopatra
by Rod X February 14, 2014
Someone (generally a woman) who deals with their problems by denying that they exsist. Queen of Denial.

A name given to such a person
#1:Do she know how skanky she look?
#2: Hell no, she Cleopatra.

"Hey Cleopatra, you looking good toDAY!"
by neena June 07, 2007
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