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Having a one night stand, then taking a shit on your sleeping partner's chest before leaving.
"What happened with that girl you hooked up with last night?"
"She passed out half way through, so I gave her a Cleaveland Steamer and took off"
by montez May 08, 2003
I cleaveland Steamer is when a man defecates on a woman's chest after some period of intercourse. A variation of this is the "chili dog" which takes the Cleaveland Steamer one step further by "titty fucking" the woman using the feces as lubricant.
I dont have that much gumption; After I gave her the Cleaveland steamer, I couldn't chili dog her without laughing.
by shotgun Wallace April 29, 2004
When a man squats onto a womans chest, taking a dumpand using his buttocks to wipe the dump backwards and forwards whilst making tractor and digger noises.
"I took a cleaveland steamer on her when she slept."
"Didn't the beeping wake her up?"
"I whispered."
by Streakycheese September 08, 2007
The so-called erotic act of deficating on one's partner.
Rod left a cleaveland Steamer on Veronica's chest.
by Our21stzen February 12, 2003
The process of hovering over your girlfriend (cause you probably wouldn't wanna marry her.), and dropping Webster (Shit) all over her chest.
She wanted an experience she'd never forget, so I gave her a cleaveland steamer.
by Rex Sterling December 20, 2003
The act of deficating on a female's chest, not to be confused with the brown necktie.
I gave Amber a Cleaveland steamer right after I ate at Tacco Bell and the bitch passed out right there.
by Stefan December 02, 2003
(No one has gotten this right yet!) An official "cleaveland steamer" is shitting on a girl's chest while receiving head, plain and simple. Now, there are certain ways to tweak the technique if you will. For instance, you can be having sex, and right before you're about to cum you pull out to put it in the girl's mouth, and then as you're cumming take a shit on her chest (bonus points!). It all depends on how creative you wanna get.
felacio + defecation on chest = cleaveland steamer
by Xaphod January 13, 2006
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