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the visible gap between a woman's breasts. Zero gap preferred, 1/2" is interesting, 3" is boring, 5" is too much.
I like to casually look down the front of Jessica's blouse to view her cleavage
by Jake March 05, 2004
what gets girls anything they want at all from any guy except fags

can be used for good or for evil
tony wouldn't let me borrow $20 at first but after i showed him some cleavage he changed his mind
by GD October 14, 2004
What certain women in the business world do when they want to sell things.
Barbara, you know how to sell things. If you want to sell things all over the world you need to show more cleavage.
by Elroy Nightfront February 24, 2009
Allows men to mentally prepare themselves for nipples
Man: oh shit, cleavage
(feels a little lightheaded, gathers himself, girl shows her tits)
Man: I can do this.
by marshallmathers03 March 16, 2011
The roadblock between you and paying attention to a woman in a low cut shirt...Often results in not listening, missing important details, loss of time, etc.
A woman in your office is trying to tell you about a task, however you cant pay attention to the details because she has a low cut shirt on and you cant help but get lost looking at her cleavage

This hits the nail on the head...The daily struggle with the Cleavage Challenge- Google: "Cube Titans" and take the Cleavage Challenge.

These videos describe it better than I ever could with words.

sweater puppets, funbags
by ShakeThemDice April 04, 2012
Short for the Age of Cleave. A period in Earth's history where women walked around with their boobies out in protest to traditional female roles as home makers.
Do you remember the Cleavage? A time of women's liberation..
by WhiteKnight82 June 23, 2009
Cleavage is the most important thing in the world for most men or they just don't care. Also you can compare it to the sun. You can't stare at it to long, it's to risky.
Guy 1: Damn, did you see her cleavage?
Guy 2: I don't really care.
by Sugarcomb March 27, 2014
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