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1. The usual footwear of hookers and whores 'round the globe...
I was gonna wife that broad until I saw she owned 6 pairs of clear heels.
by Chuck W. January 30, 2005
new stripper fashion. see examples below.
"Daddy, can we talk?" "Hey, I'm watching the game!" "I'll show you! I'll dance naked to the Mötley Crue records!...I'm gonna change my name to Cina Buns!...and I'm gonna wear clear heels!" When did clear heels become the new whore uniform? When did that happen? Was there a big ho convention, and all the hoes got together and said: "We need something new! Something that just says nasty"...And one girl said: "I got it! Clear heels!" Ooh, girl, you disgusting!"
by whothehellstolemyname December 06, 2011
A girl who gives head. Because she is bending over on her knees she has clear heels.
Yo you can find some clear heels at dis club.
by Anthony May 10, 2004
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