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A semi new viral video that is 100% worse than 2 girls 1 cup. Its starts out showing shit pokeing out of this chicks underwear. Then showing a ass actually shitting(its alittle more sick then the 2 girls 1 cup shitting part). Then the asian chicks start pukeing on each other and eating it of course. Then you see one the chicks looking like shes getting fucked in the ass but its really just her crapping a huge black turd in the other girls mouth. Finally the chicks are shareing the big black turd shoving it back and forth in there mouth. yea DIS-GUS-TING!

do NOT go to !

but you do get a great laugh out of the Paris/london music!
if you think 2 girls 1 cup was disgusting, wait till you watch Clean Girls
by Egypt Kardashian March 26, 2008

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