The space between a man's moobs; cleavage on a man.
When fat men work out, they are often left tired and with sweaty cleaman.
by Justin C . Kenney January 18, 2009
Top Definition
Semen shot between a women's breasts (cleavage)
Wiping the cleamen off took 3 kleenex.
by fir January 29, 2006
The line that goes from the head of the penis all the way down to the anoose.
Luke walked in to a grocery store and exposed his cleamen to innocent customers.
by caca poo poo pee pee shire July 26, 2012
Clevage of the female sex organ.
Did you see Sarah's camel toe, way to much cleamen there.
by matt rodgers May 14, 2008
Not actually a real word
I wish cleaman was a real word.
by There are none because its not August 12, 2008
A word generally used when you wish to Insult someone to the ultimate level.
"Torie & Lizzie are a right couple of cleamans!"
by Joe Berry March 27, 2008
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