Clavo is a term used to describe a hidden compartment in a car usually made to smuggle drugs or people
If it wasn't for the clavo in my pinto I'd be broke.
by Toro April 25, 2003
Top Definition
A chunk/glob/piece of black tar heroine from mexico.
Jose: Hey, got any tin foil?
Guillermo: Yeah, why?
Jose: I got this big clavo I wanna put on it.
by CandESan-D August 19, 2010
spanish for nail. also used to describe something very shitty.
hey, you going to go watch Avatar?
Nah, movie looks like a clavo.
by achassi June 30, 2010
clavo is spanish for nail. but the "street" term of clavo, refers to drugs such as meth. when it's used with a syringe .
You got the clavo.
by knuckles69 July 04, 2009
another word for drugs...
Did you get the clavo yet?
by numb nuts December 31, 2003
Clavo is spanish for nail and is also a slang term used in describing a place where illegal residence are kept or hidden in the United States of America
All the pollos were taken to the clavo so La Migra won't know where they are.
by Paisa July 01, 2005
name of our Dog...he's a chocolate lab
white folks refer to him as Nail
He's one badass Dog, who is sharp as a marble, and obeys every command!!!!And he also likes to be called Clavy,Mobster,ClavyDavvvy,MyDoggie.
Such a good dog...that Clavo.
by Ru Y Mo March 21, 2005
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