You are afraid of Santa Claus
Your making me claustrophobic
Oh so your afraid of Santa Claus, so you have claustrophobia
by Chickenpop May 24, 2013
Top Definition
Fear of being in enclosed spaces. Not necessarily small spaces, although many claustrophobic people don't like these much either. The main issue is being trapped in somewhere you can't get out of easily. Claustrophobic people may avoid or feel uncomfortable in situations like flying in a plane, being in the middle of a crowd, or using an elevator.
Friend: Now we just take the elevator up to the ninety-seventh floor...oh, I forgot. You've got claustrophobia. Better take the stairs then *sigh*

Me: Actually, like many others with claustrophobia I still use elevators, because we don't let it control our entire lives.
by Leah here January 05, 2009
An intense, abnormal fear of small spaces.
I had a sudden attack of claustrophobia when I locked myself in the closet.
by Aldo Shabadoo February 07, 2004
Fear of Santa Claus
Little Harry took one look at the bleary eyed old geezer with a white beard and did a runner. It was a bad case of traumatic claustrophobia.
by CantorJohn November 15, 2010
An abnormal fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces.
he's afraid of being closed in closets
by mei May 05, 2005
Claustrophobia - n. The fear of Santa.

hehe~♥ ♪♫He sees you when you're sleeping... He knows when you're awake...♪♫
*sleigh bells* omg! SANTA! RUN 4 UR LIVES! U DONT NEED TO TAKE THE CHILDREN; just GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what happens when you have Claustrophobia.
by Corrine. January 09, 2010
An intense, abnormal fear of Santa.
Oh, God, no! It's Claus! RUN, HE HAS HIS ELVES WITH HIM!
by Aldo Shabadoo February 07, 2004
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