Classy is not about clothes, makeup, hairstyles, accessories. It is not about being posh, or wealthy.

A classy girl is kind, gentle, sweet, empathetic, caring. She is giving, loving... she is a good person. She is polite. She has good manners and is a very pleasant person to know. She is a good friend.

You can dress classy, you can stand, sit, and walk classy, but true class is on the inside. If you gossip and insult, if you're judgemental, if you're cruel and hateful and immature, you are not classy, no matter what clothes you pick out, where you got them from, no matter how much money you have, no matter how you sit at the dinner table, you are not classy. Respect yourself and respect others and you will be classy.
Isabelle is such a good friend. She listened to me whine and understood when I became a bitch. She's classy.

Joanna volunteers and gives to charity, she's so selfless. She's a real classy girl.

Sarah is really polite and accepts people, befriends people, and never backstabs or gossips or bitches about anybody. She has class.

Megan is very mature and wise. She's inspirational. I hope I can be so classy.
by msladyinwhite October 18, 2011
A word that used to mean "stylish" or "elegant", but after gross misuse by ignorant teenagers who think they're cool, has come to mean absolutely nothing. It now merely serves the purpose to annoy the sane people of the world.
Emma: "Ugh, I can't believe my parents took my license!"
Alex: "That's classy!"
Emma: "No it isn't, do you even know what classy means!"
Alex: "No, but I can use it however I want."
Emma: *Scowl*
by CherubsBaby February 04, 2011
describes a garment in which the amount of fabric in the garment is inversely proportional to the price of the garment.
How classy! She's wearing the emperor's new clothes. That has certainly cost her a fortune.
by MIT-GUY August 27, 2013
anything that is NOT females of the University of Alabama. Classy women do not participate in dance competitions in clubs, have pictures of themselves doing keg stands, or start fights in public. To go somewhere to find classy women, do not attend the university of alabama.
Mallory: I'll fight you.
Girl: I know you will because you're so NOT classy.

Jenna: I bet i can dance better than that african american woman. Too bad i'm not classy

Celeste: Hey, want to do a keg stand? I'm not worried about being classy.
by classismyname December 09, 2009
a word often used to describe high class, rank, or grade; stylish; admirably smart; elegant ladies
Brittany and Jill are very classy.
by therightdefinition12 November 09, 2012
of questionable age and garment choice, deceiving many to believe them to be innocent "old ladies", on occasion to procure items not of their possession by questionable means, or to give a "shocker".
Man, that granny was CLASSY!
by Iceman444 November 29, 2011
1.) Beyond the boundaries of cool, cool to the max or next level

2.) one does not try to become classy, if you are classy you are classified as classy, you dumb bitch.

3.) To flawlessly express oneself in a tasty individual.

4.) To own more than one G-star jacket, or whatever expensive brand bullshit you fucking label whore.
Eddy: yo check out this G-star jacket

Chris: thats pretty cool man

Eddy: I got one for you too yo!

Chris: You classy ass motherfucker.
by CTANGNUMBERONEBODMON September 21, 2011
having morals; being in control or the keeper
That cougar is always so classy, damn.
by littlelittlejessie(: February 15, 2011

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