To get arrested for driving while intoxicated after a night of heavy drinking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
The fucking police clarked me last night and I had to spend 17 hours in the city jail.
by anonymous May 07, 2005
Top Definition
To engage in anal intercourse with a girl, without using lubrication. (Painful to both parties)
Man, I Clarked this bitch so hard last night my wang is on fire.
by anonymous April 19, 2005
To wreck, or otherwise cause damage to a vehicle, due to lack of concentration.
Don clarked the rental car.
by Spruce Goose Gang November 15, 2006
To take one's things be sheer ignorance or ill-attention. Often someone's prized possession or the last remaining item available to a group.

Can refer to time wasted by an individual who babbles on unintelligibly.
Has anyone seen my map markers? No man, I think someone "Clarked" it.

Someone keeps "Clarking" the last cup of coffee.
by Top_Tank July 28, 2012
When a female may or may not have had sex due to the wasted male partner chucking his guts up before any possible act takes place.
Girl: I think i got clarked last night..Adam spewed all over his door before we even got into his bed..

..i don't even think he remembers me going down on his mamba last night!
by Mambam March 09, 2008
The practice in which a coworker carbon copy's an individual on electronic communications which have little or nothing to do with the message therein.
My Monday started out well, but by lunch my inbox was clarked with 157 unread emails that had nothing to do with me but required me to open every single one just to be sure!
by Conscientious Mailer February 19, 2014
To be humped in the ass with a giant strap-on dildo by your partner or significant other.
The wife wanted to spice things up in the bedroom so I agreed to get clarked in the mud-hole....bad idea.
by D1ngo1 October 14, 2010
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