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An individual thats sneaks around communal showers or crowded dance floors covertly engaging in sexual contact then disappearing before the victim is able to identify them.

Clandestine violator is general term used to describe an individual that engages in any covert touching of unsuspecting victims genitalia.

If the violator checks someone's oil with his/her thumb while in a communal shower they become a rusty ninja.
Guy 1: I can't get any action tonight!

Guy 2: Go become a clandestine violator for a half hour or so, then you'll have something to think about while you jerk-off later.

Dude 1: Some clandestine violator just grabbed my junk!

Dude 2: That's the closest you've ever come to getting laid.

Guy 1: I kind of liked it, so I'll pretend it was a girl.
by sandy_x December 07, 2012

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