The Female equivalent to "T-Bag"
A gaming term used when humiliating an opponent by crouching up and down on there dead pixilated body.
Dude I was playing Black ops last night and this chick clam stamped me after she no scoped me.
by DeathTemptress April 14, 2011
Top Definition
When a female sets her genitals on a person's forehead; commonly performed after the receiver has passed out. This event is often photographed and used for future embarrassment.

Opposite of the mushroom print.
Yo....Christopha passed out and got hit with a clam stamp form Tammy. He's going to shit when we show him the pictures.
by Mr.Reno April 25, 2007
the feminine verson of tea-bagging. For a female to press her virgina upon a person or object in the same manner a male would drop his genitials on what he was tea-bagging.
In retalitation of Dr.Phill tea-bagging Opra during the people's choice awards, Ms. Winfrey slipped Dr Phil a Ruffitini and proceeded to Clamstamp him while at a book signing.
by rivertecheletricwater October 28, 2006
To gently place your vagina on you sleeping partner's forehead in an effort to leave a short-term, sloppy impression. When your unsuspecting guest identifies the smell and warm sensation on their forehead you say, "You've been stamped!"
Like a snail, Lynn mounted John's head and left a wet, sloppy clam stamp.
by Lady Godsmack September 04, 2010
When a female on her period presses her bloody vagina to a persons forehead.
I woke up this morning only to see a clam stamp on my forehead.
by The real Finger June 08, 2009
A physical gesture consisting of a person creating a vagina with his or her hands by connecting the index fingers and thumbs in an extension while the other fingers are clenched as in as fist. Then thrusting this hand formation forward quickly so as to place a stamp. This stamp is bestowed upon those who willfully exhibit weak and otherwise un-manly or "pussy" actions
That guy just got dragged out of the bar by his wife. Lets clam stamp his forehead!
by Falcon 2012 January 06, 2012
The act of slapping another with your vagina. Usually done in retaliation to a mushroom slap of some sorts. Usually a sticky mess.
"Stina really showed her boyfriend who's boss last night, she clam stamped Danny all over the face! See if he ever fadunks her again!"
by pussypunch December 21, 2009
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