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A nigger who is a bottom feeder and detrimental to society.
That good for nothing clam nigger just smokes blunts all day and drinks 40s at the corner store.
by P!U!L!E!O! May 04, 2011
142 59
A black woman's vagina.
Hey, look at that clam nigger... I just wanna polish her black pearl.
by DNAnthony October 12, 2011
60 49
(klam nig-er) mount,

1. any various idiot awkwardly exposed in public or private as a racist, typically leading to an awkward moment.
2. not to be confused with clamming for niggers.
Did you see Wheel of Fortune last night? That guy was a total clam nigger!

by BTownPhD February 20, 2012
26 17