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ckrab the bloods insult toward their rival gang the crips. spelled "ck"rab; because it is meant to say crip killer
them ckrabs are 'bout to get shanked
by SocksThaclown May 08, 2006
Word used by Bloods to denote a member of the Crips, usually as an insult. cK=crip Killer
We bangin on dem cKrab sets fo repeck blood, fo sho.
by OG-Z January 25, 2008
what Bloodz call crips
Yo, did you see how Antwon stole dat ckrab nigga in da face?
by Lexi Babi October 28, 2007
insult a blood will use to a rival gang member or the (crips)

in written form a blood will use a (cK) therefor not emphasizing the letter c by itself..
fuck the (cKrab's) blood. Its cK (crip killers) all day every day!
by whojon November 04, 2007
insult against crips
i done fired on that ckrab nigga in the class today!
by micah wall April 29, 2008
name that 5ignifie5 disre5peckt to krip5
me: fuck a ckrab!!! i hate dem muhfucka5!! ckrabs ckan 5uck my Dick!!
by General A.K. 5uwoop nation May 04, 2009